Raison d’être

 All that is not given, is lost Indian proverb

I first heard of Anthony William, aka the “Medical Medium” in 2015, when an excerpted chapter from his new book, Medical Medium|Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal appeared on the blog, Goop. It was titled Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and it was blowing up on Facebook. I was intrigued.

As I read through the chapter, I found my strange, amorphous, (and by this point, longterm) symptoms fitting perfectly into the disease model that Anthony William describes. My 19 years experience with CFS – both my struggles and successes, began to take shape as evidence that corroborated his claims. Of course I got his book which got even better.

I now understand why I had been so debilitated by my condition. Why I had such a strange and broad array of symptoms; and why as the years passed, I was able to jettison some, and yet continue to acquire new ones. I now understand why it was so hard to maintain a consistent vitality, why certain foods began to bother me and still do, and why despite enjoying a higher level of health, I still have problems today. There was, and is, a rhyme and reason to it after all! The Medical Medium knows…

What I know wasn’t given to me through Spirit, it was wrought from my own 19 year experience of living with CFS. And in terms of herbs and supplements that work, what doesn’t work, and foods to avoid, we’re both on the same page. Spirit opened the book to a certain page for Anthony William, and 19 years later I arrived at the same place. I hope knowing that will make it easier to approach his ideas in a hopeful spirit for the real, lasting solutions that they are; and not just as the latest “whatever” to come down the pike. These are not half-baked theories, these are solid explanations and strategies for beating this illness.

Go with the Medical Medium and you will get you better. He knows the way.

So now, this site is what I know. What I came to understand through trial and error before finding the Medical Medium, and what I’ve learned from him since. I hope it will serve a purpose beyond me and my immediate circle. I hope it will help those (maybe you) still suffering with this cruel illness with no idea of how to make it stop. This site is what I have to give, may it be of use.

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