We Can Rebuild Her. We Have The Flora: The 28 Day Healing Cleanse

So...It's day 3 of the 28 Day Raw Vegan Healing Cleanse. The last two days have been tough. I started getting some minor headaches here and there and I've been sleepy and kind of out of it. I really thought this would start later in the cleanse, but I guess my body is really ready... Continue Reading →

Of Colitis, Celery Juice, Floravital, and Almonds

So....... I'm not as far along on my way out of the woods as I'd like to be. I had this crazy attack of what I now think was Colitis this past November 2017. Two actually, the last following the first about a week after I recovered. At the time I thought it was some... Continue Reading →

Time for Unrest

Jen Brea is ON FIRE! Her documentary film, Time for Unrest is now in the UK after wrapping up its premieres in the U.S. on October 22nd. Check out The Telegraph for some recent press out of London. I was lucky enough to see the premiere in Santa Monica in late September. Everything about this... Continue Reading →

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